A print campaign collaboration with the talented Andrea Wan. 

SingTel Data Roam print ad. Credits: (CR) Ravi Eshwar, (AD) Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu. BBDO Singapore.

Rexona ( a.k.a Sure, Degree, Shield ) wanted a TV commercial for a new product launch in Indonesia. The result and the feedback was extremely satisfying , that it soon turned into a massive global campaign. After South East Asia, the ads were aired in many countries across Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Australia.

Launch of Red Velvet Cupcake flavored Cornetto cones. An official print made completely with limited getty-images stocks, due to some budget restrictions.


For the launch of Vaseline’s new sun protection cream, we wanted Thai ladies to engage with the product through a very vital matter. Fashion. By creating “Sun Stickers”, we wanted them to have fun with their style and enjoy the sun, rather than escaping from it. The result was a huge success with thousands of applications, raising awareness and a hilarious viral video.

This is a poster done for Bare Your Sole, a barefoot walk organised by the charity organisation Habitat for Humanity. The objective of the poster was to encourage children to sign up for the walk. Proceeds went towards helping the disadvantaged in Singapore.


Our piece for the Ad Age magazine cover competition, with the theme "Creativity in 2014". Credits: Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu ( AD ), Darius Shah ( CR ), Diego Rao ( Photographer )


Every year, Singapore's National Day Parade sees thousands of Singaporeans and corporations march in honour of Singapore's independence. These outfits were designed for Singtel contingent attending NDP2012.

Sea Shepherd, the marine wildlife conservation organisation wanted to draw attention to the cruel Japanese practice of grenade harpooning of minke whales in the Antarctic seas. This poster was a first person account from the point of view of the minke whale. Credits: ( CR ) Ravi Eshwar, ( AD, D ) Leng Huat Lee, ( AD ) Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu


This series of instructional manual style posters was meant to convey Anlene's brand position of bone confidence. Anlene is a scientifically formulated bone-strengthening milk substitute. Credits: ( CR ) Ravi Eshwar, ( AD ) Oguzcan Kaganoguzbeyoglu, ( Il ) Jennyson Rosero


The only thing unpredictable about Singapore is the rain. It can be sunny one moment and wet the next. Singaporeans are often seen caught unprepared by the downpour. Aviva Insurance is all about being prepared for an uncertain future. Therefore The Umbrella Project. Hundreds of yellow umbrellas ready for use when Singaporeans need them. To be used when needed and then dropped off at the next umbrella point. Ready to be used the next time.


Ince belli Typeface

Turkish tea glass, also known as 'ince belli', is one of the most iconic objects in daily life back at home. It's story and explorable form made me itchy about trying out to see it as a typeface. Here you can see the alphabet and an example poster that we've used in an event.